Wednesday, March 23, 2011


There once was a time when I was a monogamous stitcher, conscientiously working one project at a time until it was finished, then moving on to the next. Lately, it seems, I'm multi-tasking, working on several projects simultaneously. The little crocus canvas got some time in the stitching sunshine, though!

In choosing a stitch for the background, I needed to take several factors into consideration. First, I wanted to maintain the look of a frame created by the checkerboard border. I also needed a stitch which would compensate easily around the lettering. Normally, I'd opt for a diagonal mosaic stitch, which easily glides around letters, but in this case would be too busy when contrasted with the Scotch stitches surrounding it. Diagonal mosaic would also detract from the crocuses themselves.

So I'm basketweaving the background with white DMC cotton floss to provide an area for the eye to rest as well as call attention to the flowers when they're stitched. When I'd reached the bottom right corner of the canvas, I treated myself by adding the blue slanted gobelin stitches for the inner border. Here's my progress to date!


Cool City Stitcher said...

I love basketweave for the background, especially in the presence of textured stitches. I'm still eager to see those crocuses stitched.

Jane said...

I have learned so much from reading your blog! I love that your designs and stitching are elegant, interesting, but not overdone!!

Jan said...

I agree that basketweave is best in this case. The flowers will stand up nicely from the background this way. Please hurry and start a crocus. I want to see how you do that!

Rachel said...

There are times when simplest is definitely best, and I agree that this is one!