Friday, June 17, 2011


Mother always told me there would be days like this! I've been working on the Brant Point Sailor's Valentine diligently, finishing the segments with Petite Very Velvet that I'd waited about 10 days to arrive. It was time to starting adding the embellishments.

I sewed on some rope trim I'd found on my shopping excursion three weeks or so ago, and all went well until I needed to end it off. Can we say UNRAVEL, boys and girls? Can we use it in a sentence?

I thought I had a solution to that problem, so I rummaged through the shells I had purchased and started arranging them on the canvas. The four absolutely wonderful starfish I bought, which I had planned to showcase on the Nobuko segments, were too big. Back to square one.

A very wise woman once counseled me, when you run into a glitch in a design, put it away for a few days and wait for the "light bulb moment" when the logical solution dawns on you. Rush a design and it will be garbage. So I'm heeding this advice and putting this canvas on the back burner until I either (A) have a flash of inspiration or (B) go shopping again!


Cool City Stitcher said...

Oh dear.. just a small bump. You'll soon come up with a solution that you'll be pleased with. We all need those back burners.

Needle Nicely said...

It's so frustrating when a plan refuses to fall into place. But the advice is certainly sound and I'm sure your end-product will be worth the enforced wait.

Rachel said...

Yep, all you can do is wait - and possibly rummage in your stash for inspiration. No hardship, that, surely - rummaging is the best stitch-related fun one can have without actually stitching!

sudukc said...

So frustrating! Just walk away and at 2AM the solution will least that's what happens at my house. Have a wonderful week-end!