Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A spook-tacular finish

Stitching time for me has been limited lately, but I've finally finished the Seguin Island lighthouse!

Since my last post, I resumed work on the buildings adjacent to the tower, giving the small one a roof of DMC floss #355 in slanted gobelin stitches and adding bricks of Sheep's Silk "Lingonberry" in oblong cross stitches with the canvas turned 90 degrees. More slanted gobelin stitches in DMC #5 perle cotton #644 created the foundation, while DMC #5 perle cotton #414 in tent stitches formed the railing in front of the door.

The grass was worked with two strands of green Burmilana in a diagonal mosaic stitch. Rocks in the foreground were added in tent and satin stitches with DMC floss #645, 646 and 647. I stitched over those areas where tall grass had been painted on the canvas, adding this detail last in random long stitches with one strand of Sheep's Silk "Dark Moss."

Coincidence or Supernatural Intervention?
In 1985, the Coast Guard decommissioned the lighthouse and loaded a boat with furniture from the keeper's house for transport to the mainland. The night after this task was completed, the officer in charge was awakened by the sight of a man in oilskins standing by the officer's bed. "Don't take the furniture--please, leave my house alone!" was the apparition's clearly stated message. The following day, as the boat loaded with furniture was being lowered into the water, an accident occurred that sank the boat with all its cargo.


Cool City Stitcher said...

I love this lighthouse and the way you stitched it. Very realistic sky. Great colors!

M&Co. said...

Beautiful as usual! I love your use of small stitches. I still use your Joy To The World (that appeared in one of the needlepoint magazines a million years ago) piece as inspiration when I need a stitch for a small space!

Anonymous said...

Love the haunting stories you posted about this piece! The foggy sky is a great addition to the stories and helps set this lighthouse apart from others you stitched. Just perfect!

Edy said...

Has anyone been out to the lighthouse to see if the furniture is back in its original place?

Anne Stradal said...

A museum on the lighthouse grounds was opened in 1993. Since the lighthouse was transferred to the keeping of the Friends of Seguin Island Lighthouse, volunteers spend every summer on the island making necessary repairs. No reports that I know of that the furniture ever "resurfaced"!

Edy said...

Thanks for that tidbit.