Monday, June 4, 2012

Same color scheme, different shape

Here's the next ornament I'll be stitching for the Cape Cod Hospital Auxiliary's fund-raiser this fall. Like the egg-shaped design I just finished, this, too, is destined for the red and gold tree. But I've added a touch of green at the center to liven things a little. After all, the name of the fund-raiser is the Holly Berry Bazaar!

I've "borrowed" the shape of this ornament from two of the Nutcracker Suite series designs--Coffee and the Sugar Plum Fairy--because it's the one of which I'm most fond. Like the Coffee design, this piece will feature as the background a jacquard stitch--a composite of slanted gobelin stitches framed by tent stitches.

Of all the composite stitches in my "repertoire," the jacquard stitch is the only one that I like to "paint to the stitch" when I know ahead of time that I'm going to use it. I find it easier to count "up six, over six" as I paint the tent stitch framework. Once it's painted, I can just sit back and enjoy my stitching!

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