Friday, July 13, 2012

Emily--coming and going

Not to worry--I haven't given up on the Nellie's Imari canvas. But DH commented the other day that all of my recent progress photos look the same--there are so many color changes in the design that a couple of days' work really doesn't show that much progress. So I've decided to add another canvas to the two I'm already working on.

It was years ago, when we still lived in Texas, that I saw the canvas posted here. It was a virtual fire sale on eBay, and I hated the idea of such a graceful little angel without a home. While in the style of a well-known designer of angels, this canvas has no designer's name whatsoever--the first time I think I've seen an unmarked canvas. I decided to give the angel a name--Emily--for the simple reason I like the name!

Emily is a poster child for what NOT to do with a needlepoint canvas: you never fold it! But the seller evidently didn't want to bother securing a mailing tube for the 11 x 18 inch canvas and, instead, folded it down the middle and stuck it in an envelope. Luckily for Emily and me, the fold--now somewhat discolored from years of being stored away-- is in the center of the canvas and doesn't effect the design area at all. So when I mounted the canvas on stretcher bars, I stretched the living daylights out of it and the buckle in the center pretty much flattened out.

I'll be stitching Emily as a tree-topper--I have close to 30 angels stitched and finished over the years and I think I've finally convinced DH that they need their own tree for the holidays. So stay tuned!

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Cool City Stitcher said...

This will be a gorgeous angel for the tree top. I'll enjoy watching you stitch it.