Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A hairdo and a hem

Fleece Fairy finally has hair, worked in a satin stitch with two strands of vintage DMC Medici wool.  To minimize the original flowers, I extended the hair down the side of her face and at shoulder level.  One strand of Medici wool formed her eyebrows with eyes worked in cross stitches with DMC floss.

The flowers in her hair and at the hem were stitched in French knots with two shades of pink DMC floss, with tent stitch leaves of Impressions.  At this point, she reminds me of Marie Antoinette pretending to be a shepherdess!

Now to begin a French knot marathon to finish the lamb and the project itself!


Needle Nicely said...

The size of your flowers is more in keeping with the size of the angel.
Great call!

Margaret said...

As usual, exquisite.