Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Boots and pedestals

The middle nutcracker now has two legs to stand on, stitched in basketweave with black and gray Petite Very Velvet and trimmed with Smyrna crosses of Kreinik #8 fine braid 5760.  The smallest nutcracker's boots are also trimmed, using Kreinik #12 tapestry braid 002V in tent stitches and Smyrna crosses.  The laces were added on top of the stitched areas by stretching the braid between the Smyrna crosses.

All three nutcrackers have pedestals stitched in various shades of DMC #5 perle cotton.  The tops of the pedestals were worked in a satin stitch, the edges in either a slanted Gobelin or satin stitch, and the bases in slanted Gobelin stitch.


sudukc said...

The legs are looking great...could you needlepoint me a right leg to stand on, my right knee is shot.

Anne Stradal said...

Sorry, Mary Agnes, you're a lot taller than I am!