Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Snow-day stitching

There's nothing like a snow day to get some stitching accomplished!  The Cape got clobbered with about 10 inches of the white stuff--not that remarkable compared to amounts falling elsewhere recently, but the most accumulation we've seen so far this winter.  We didn't lose power, so life was good and stitching was even better!

The Mariachi now has a face, hair and eyebrows, and I'll add his mustache and beard after doing a little more work around his chin area.

His pants have been worked with Trio Natural in an alternating pattern of vertical slanted Gobelin and tent stitches, with Felicity's Garden Truffle providing the shading.  The bottom of his shirt now has a border of alternating slanted Gobelin and mosaic stitch stripes.  On to the top of the shirt!

1 comment:

Needle Nicely said...

That's a great stitch for his pants. I'll have to remember it!