Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Out-of-season stitching--again

Needlepoint Nation Stash Exchange is a group on Facebook that helps folks find new homes for canvases.  In my first foray into canvas "adoption," I scored a real winner:  a 3-D Halloween house by Painted Pony Designs.  The canvas shown here came with three tiny canvases of Halloween characters, but I decided to tackle the house first.

For quite some time, 3-D canvases have intrigued me, and I've actually designed and stitched two birdhouses.  I also have never stitched a Painted Pony canvas before, but I can tell from the quality of the painting that this canvas won't be my last!  I'll be working this project into my schedule around stitching I'm doing for my Needlepoint Now column, but I'll try to post my progress once a week or so.

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Needle Nicely said...

So many possibilities for interesting stitches. Have fun!