Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Haunted House - Week 2

Work on this little house has been progressing nicely from right to left.  Almost all of the clapboards have been completed on three-quarters of the house.

Under the clapboards, I've started adding a foundation of Watercolours Belgian Stone in basketweave, and a couple of rocks within the foundation have been worked in a satin stitch using Watercolours Flagstone.  This thread has a fair amount of pink and rose in it, which I'm cutting out so I can use the remaining shades of gray.

Half of the roof of slanted Gobelin stitches is now done, minus its nails.  At the peak of the second section in from the right, I've added a bat of black Petite Very Velvet, dangling from a row of stem stitches in Kreinik #12 braid 001.  A second set of shutters is now complete, and the little witch peering out the window to check on her cauldron has a hat of black PVV.

Just about time to start adding some of the cool little details!  Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

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Needle Nicely said...

Like how you've stitched some of the details--like the shutters and that stone.