Thursday, May 21, 2009

Looking at nature from a DMC perspective

Yes, I know--I'm a little bit crazy. I look at nature and see color--glorious color--and give it a DMC name. For instance, this photo of my perennial garden--just starting to come to life--I look at my forget-me-nots at nine o'clock and think--DMC #3840.

A couple of days ago, my local needlework group had its annual luncheon. It was a gorgeous Cape day, and as we left to drive home, I looked at the sky. "A DMC #334 sky!" I remarked, and my needlepointer friend who had walked out with me laughed. She knew exactly what I was thinking.

Poor DH is used to it. When we're out and about, doing errands or whatever, we often pass bodies of water. I'll say, "Wow, it's a DMC #336 today!" as we go by Crystal Lake. In winter, more often, it's a DMC #415.

A couple of years ago, someone on the ANG discussion list asked about the correct DMC number to stitch water for Cape Cod Bay. I was actually still living in Texas then, and felt a bit reluctant to answer her question. The answer, really, is simple: look at the sky.

Different parts of the country have different shades of blue in the sky. Florida has a slightly green cast to its sky; the Cape has a tinge of gray. Look at your DMC color card--a must for figuring out color families--and find your sky color. Scale down to a darker shade and--voila!--you have the shade you need for the water. Of course the shades vary with the seasons, but you get the idea!


Possibilities, Etc. said...

In Tallahassee, we referred to #700 green as "swamp lizard green." Perfect! I love sitting outside on cool mornings (which are rare in Austin right now) and looking at the glorious greens of the different kinds of trees against the intense blue of the sky. I suppose I should take my DMC color card outside with me.

Anonymous said...

I never thought of that - using a color chart to determine the colors. I use Anchor but the same thing would apply. Like Judy, I'll have to take my color chart for a little tour around outside and learn my color numbers.

Cyn said...

Hi Anne,

I also use DMC numbers to refer to colors. DH just shakes his head and laughs!

Windy Meadow