Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Running the background marathon

No, I didn't run the Boston Marathon--that was April 20--and I'm a stitcher, not a runner.

I was looking at my Kyrgyz pillow canvas recently as I passed through our dining room, where it was propped on a chair to keep it safe but not out of mind, and felt guilty. I hadn't worked on it in several weeks. I decided to work a little background, just to keep my hand in the project.

Picking up a strand of black Silk & Ivory, I started to basketweave more of the background. It was slow, but I persevered. I had a lot on my mind, and thought about endless little details of life as I worked. By the time I reached the bottom right corner, I was Inspired!!

I kept stitching, strand after strand of black Silk & Ivory, stopping only when I needed to interject another color that abutted with the background. And, just as it was time to pull the roast out of the oven for dinner tonight, I reached the bottom left-hand corner! The marathon was over, and I had crossed the finish line!!

In the process, I also managed to finish the blue and green threads needed for this project, so I only have the honey, red, pink/rose and "peanut butter" left to stitch--with a tiny tad of black in some places. Piece of cake--I see an end in sight!

Am I obsessive/compulsive about needlepoint? Maybe. But sometimes a gal's gotta do what a gal's gotta do to re-jumpstart a project.


Possibilities, Etc. said...

It's so good to see this again! It's a beauty.

Front Range Stitcher said...

Wow, I'm impressed and also inspired. I love this design and you did it girl, it's all but finished. Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

This is gorgeous!! When it's done, please put up a side by side picture with the original so we can see how beautifully you captured the essence of an art form that is gradually disappearing. I'm so glad you decided to do this!

Nannette said...

It is absolutely beautiful. I want one for myself!

Cyn said...

Hi Anne,

Glad to see this project again!

That's all it takes. To plant yourself in a chair and pick up the needle. Once you start stitching you get pulled in again and before you know it, you're done! But many times the challenge is to get the tuckus in the chair, especially with our busy lives! LOL!!!

Windy Meadow

Love to Stitch 99 said...


That was really a lot of black to stitch and I know how boring stitching something like that can be, so the more credit to you :-)

It won't be long now before it is ready for framing or is it a pillow you are making with it. Can't remember now, could be a sign of senility unless you have never said :-(

Pierrette =^..^=