Wednesday, October 14, 2009

More ribbons, more decisions

When I finished stitching the "jeweled" ribbons on the "Victoria" mini-sock on the left, it was time to re-assess the color situation. At this point, the color choice was heavily weighted toward reds, and I decided it was time to play up the greens a bit more.

So for the background of the "rosebud" ribbon, I chose DMC floss #504 for the background, stitched in basketweave, with DMC #991 for the leaves and DMC #304 for the flower buds in satin stitch. Using the pale green background pulled in the green from the plaid ribbon already stitched, and will tie in the green of the holly when I get to that ribbon.

For the mini-sock on the right, I wanted to strike a balance between light green and pink as well as brighten the colors here a bit. For the vertical "filigree" ribbon, I selected DMC floss #962 as the background, accented with Kreinik #12 tapestry braid #092. The pink shades tie in the rosebuds as well as the pink of the plaid and keep the overall design from looking too somber.

When I finish stitching these ribbons, I'll have only one more ribbon motif to mull over as well as the cuffs of both mini-socks. I'm thinking a trip to my local fabric store as well as my LNS may be in order!


Possibilities, Etc. said...

These are really pretty - it's amazing how color change can alter the "feeling" of a design. Again, you certainly have the ability to make pastels gorgeous without being "sweet" or "cute." The background is a great choice - I'd never have thought of that.

Cyn said...

Hi Anne,

I still love both, but I really like how you added the bright pink to the pastel stocking to brighten it up and the pale green to the bright stocking to tone it down a bit.

Fabric store? Ohhhh, what's next?

Real lace? Beads? Trim?

Windy Meadow

NCPat said...

These are so cute and I love the colors! If you want to tie them together, the light green would be a fabulous cuff! Just mho!