Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Cape Cod Christmas

The presents are --finally--wrapped and tucked under the Christmas tree for the morning. I wanted to share a little of my Cape Cod Christmas with you before I rejoin my family to discover what's lurking in the stockings. And no, the stockings aren't needlepointed--cobblers' children don't have shoes, either--but two of them were knitted by yours truly the first year we were married, and are still hanging in there--the stockings and us!

This is a photo of our family room mantel decorated for the holidays Cape-style. I might have been born in Connecticut, but my parents took me to the Cape on vacation for the first time when I was eight months old. I guess the sea air got to me even at that early age! I'm not sure if you can see them if you click on the photo for an enlargement, but there are three lighthouses in the Elizabeth Mumford painting.

To all who celebrate this wondrous holiday, Merry Christmas! And to all my stiching friends who observe other holidays, May the Floss be with you!

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Possibilities, Etc. said...

and also with you! and don't forget the 202HL! Beautiful mantel you have there - I love the look and feel of it. Thanks for sharing.