Saturday, July 10, 2010

April arrives in June!

No, the recent heat and humidity haven't affected my mind yet--I know it's the second week of July! But I've been busy painting orders and have been totally engrossed in stitching the postcard series for my son. It was high time to catch up on an unfinished project!

My neighbor's new granddaughter, April, arrived toward the end of June, so I needed to wrap up the pastel Rainbow Clown canvas. All that remained to be stitched when I'd put it aside were the first two initials--A and S--and the background of the balls the clown is juggling. An easy evening's work!

Now the little clown is heading off to the finisher to be made into a stand-up. I'm hoping it will grace April's nursery long before her cousin is born at the end of August!


Possibilities, Etc. said...

I love the fuzzy shoes! This is charming. I always like to see the way you use textured stitches, as your way enhances without overwhelming. No "goop" here. The colors are also delightful.

Cool City Stitcher said...

Nicely done! Such a lovely accent for a little girl's nursery.

threadmedley said...

Nice to have almost all of it finished so you could get it done quickly. Lucky little girl to grow up with this adorable clown in her room.

Create Needlepoint said...

That's so cute!!