Saturday, July 3, 2010

A frame, a sky and two turtles

I'm stitching slowly but steadily on the Kansas postcard, getting the basics done while I contemplate the trickier elements!

The frame for the postcard's center scene is finished, using the same DMC floss #920 in a slanted gobelin stitch over two threads and a filler stitch of diagonal mosaic that I used on the other two postcards. Two sides of the perimeter have been stitched in three rows of basketweave to make life easier for my framer.

I added the date in which Kansas entered the Union, changing the yellow as originally painted to navy so all three postcards would be the same. Then came the little box turtles, the official state reptile of Kansas, worked in each of the bottom corners in tent stitch and a satin stitch for the shell.

I've stitched the sky in basketweave, using DMC floss #318, because I don't want this area to detract from either the tornado or the bottom center background--I have great plans for this latter area!

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Fourth of July!


Possibilities, Etc. said...

I like this one. It's the wheat and the tornado I look forward to.

Cool City Stitcher said...

I think this is my favorite, too. Also looking forward to the tornado and wheat, and the sunflowers.

sudukc said...

Of course, Kansas is my to Missour that is. Can hardly wait to see the wheat, sunflower and of course the tornado.

Edy said...

Living part of the year in Tornado Alley, I too, am looking forward to your interpretation of it.

Cyn said...

Hi Anne,

This has been a fun canvas to watch!

For the tornado how about diagonal gobelin going in alternate directions? Yes, I now that tornados spin in the same direction but it would give some motion.

The other quick thought I had was diagonal gobelin going in the same direction but do it in even horizontal layers changing thread colors. It would then look like it was spinning in layers.

Now, I can't wait to see what you come up with! :-)

Windy Meadow