Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Moving right along

After two nights of turbo-stitching on the mini-sock, I'm able to report some considerable progress!

Except for the name, the cuff is now finished. The photo is a little dark, but if you click to enlarge, you might get a little better detail of the Kalem stitch at the top. I think this area makes the cuff look more like a real knitted sock, don't you?

Diligently working away with Felicity's Garden "Snow" in basketweave and Scotch stitches, I then treated myself by working some of the red in the candy-cane rows. Here I used Trio "Really Red," another silk-wool blend that's the skinny sister of Silk & Ivory. I used one strand of the three-ply strandable thread. While the Trio is a tad heavier than Felicity's Garden, the two threads seem to be working out well together.

So far I think my color choices are carrying out the look of an old-fashioned "folksy" sock, but I don't want the overall effect to be too somber. So I'll be switching out the green in the wreath and tree rows to a different thread to liven things up a little!


coral-seas said...

Ah yes, the ribbing on the top of the stocking is a nice detail.

Cool City Stitcher said...

I like the cuff detail, and I like this sock. It's looking good!

Rachel said...

I can see that you might want to switch around a colour or two, but it's looking good, and the kelim stitch is a great choice!