Sunday, August 7, 2011

Row house progress

DH informed me the other day that, technically speaking, this is an alley house, not a row house--alley houses having two floors whereas row houses have three. Just as well, I thought--one less floor of bricks to stitch!

I've made it all the way across the top of the second floor, framing in the windows with floss as another course of bricks gets closer. Outlining the windows and doors is a nice break from working all these oblong cross stitches! I've gone through an entire skein of Sheep's Silk "Lingonberry" at this point, but luckily have two more skeins waiting in the wings!

I have some canvas painting and another canvas to finish this week--it remains to be seen how much progress I make on little Bal'more!

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Cyn said...

Hi Hon (Anne),


The natives pronounce it:
Bawlmer, Murlin

Baltimore, Maryland

You aren't Honey you are Hon...

Have fun with the following websites:



Cafe Hon

How to speak with a Baltimore accent:

Or just watch John Water's movies "Hairspray" or "Pink Flamingos".

Though many lawn flamingos are now black and purple for the ravens.

No, I'm not from Baltimore but I do understand the accent. :-)

Windy Meadow