Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A very long-term project

I'll be the first to admit it--I'm a frugal New Englander.  When I first saw this canvas on eBay some 10 years ago or so, I couldn't resist.  We were living in Texas at the time, and the canvas made the trip to the Cape still untouched in my stash.  Looking for something else the other day, I came upon it and decided that its time had arrived--nothing like a long-term project to keep a stitcher out of trouble!

The design is "Peaceable Kingdom" by Joan Thomasson, spotlighting an angel for all seasons.  She stands approximately 15 inches high with an overall width of 11 inches on 18 ct. canvas.  One of the reasons I hadn't worked this canvas yet was because I wasn't sure how to finish it, but I've decided to stitch it as a stand-up.

 The first order of business will be to create an outline for the scene.  I have a few ideas already about the threads and stitches I'd like to use, stash-busting as much as possible.  But with the holidays fast approaching, my time for a trip to my LNS to see first-hand the colors and textures I'd be using is limited.  So I'll work on this canvas a little at a time, using what threads I already have.  No way will I have her finished this year, but next year is another story!  I'll post from time to time on my progress when I'm not decorating mantels and baking cookies.


Jan said...

A very beautiful canvas and you will enjoy the decision-making and stitching. I love the pink roses too! I'll look forward to seeing progress - a little at a time.

LIZ said...

What a pretty face she has! I'm looking forward to following your decisions & progress!
Yeah, the holidays really do get in the way of our stitching!