Thursday, December 13, 2012

The lighthouse tree

Each year, we put up a tree between our family room and kitchen.  While in the previous two years it's been decked with cylindrical ornaments, this year we're back to lighthouses!

I designed the first lighthouse ornament in 1997 to surprise our youngest son who had a collection of lighthouse models.  Fifteen years later, there are 99 on the tree, representing every state in the U.S. that has a lighthouse, plus representatives from four Canadian provinces, Australia and Argentina.

Hopefully I'll be able to reach 100 U.S. lighthouses in 2013!


Gretchen said...


I love your Christmas tree, the Light Houses look wonderful!

Would you consider the St. Judith's Point Light House in Narragansett this year?

My son attends URI and I love to visit this light house when visiting him at school.

Merry Christmas!

Anne Stradal said...

I'll put it on the list, Gretchen!

M&Co. said...

Oh that is so cool! But I can tell you don't have tall dogs or small children running around your house. All my stitched, breakable or otherwise valuable to me ornaments are up high and the ones (1) I don't think the dogs could eat or I don't care if they do or (2) I don't want the BoyChild to abscond with for his tree are down low. Though I noticed the BC has two of my stitched ornaments on his tree in his room now. So if they all go missing, at least I'll know where to look.

Anne Stradal said...

The children are grown and not home for the holidays yet; the dogs are less than 15 inches high, but Molly does like to nudge the lower lighthouses with her nose to watch them swing!

Needle Nicely said...

Really something to see them all displayed together! Will you eventually give them to your sons?