Sunday, May 19, 2013

From start to finish

On a trip to my LNS the other day, I picked up the threads I'd ordered to work on the horse in the Toyland Rocking Horse canvas.  I also picked up some finishing:  the mini-socks for the little boy and his newborn sister that I'd stitched on the blog a few months ago.

The designs for these socks were the same (if you don't count the fact that the little girl's penguin has eyelashes) but worked in different colors and different stitches.  Andrew's sock was backed with dark green velveteen, while Emma's was backed with pink velveteen.  They each have pockets for inserting a little present and a hanging cord for either the mantel or the Christmas tree.

Nice to know I'm way ahead of myself for this year's gift-giving!


Jan said...

They're beautiful and will be treasured for many years!

LIZ said...

Too adorable!