Friday, June 28, 2013

Details, details

After working some more on the background of the Toyland Rocking Horse canvas, I rewarded myself by filling in some blanks. 

The horse's mane is now decorated with sprigs of holly.  Two shades of green Burmilana were used here:  the darker shade in tent stitch for the veins and the leaves worked in satin stitch with the lighter color.  The berries were stitched in French knots using the full six plies of DMC floss #321.

Santa Bear's suit is also complete with the addition of French knot trim.  This was stitched with white Silk & Ivory, which makes terrific fluffy knots and is white enough to contrast well with the color of the mane.

As I've worked on the background, the thought has occurred to me from time to time that stitching this canvas is a little like stitching a turkey platter!--it's just about the right size and shape.  But going back to complete certain areas has added a lot of dimension to the piece and makes the project more exciting!


Needle Nicely said...

This is really looking good--love those French knots! About this time in a project, my mind is already thinking about what I'll stitch next. I wonder if you do the same.

sudukc said...

This is really one of my favorite things you have done...Christmas is my favorite time of year anyway. Love all the details you are adding..isn't there an old saying about the proof is in the details?

Jan said...

Such patience you have with all those French Knots! But the details are wonderful to watch and add so much to the design!