Saturday, September 7, 2013

Taking it from the top

When I stitch a cylindrical ornament canvas, I like to work the face as soon as possible so someone's smiling back at me as I finish the rest of the project.  I first worked the lacy trim of Colleen's cap in tent stitches and the collar of her dress in slanted gobelin stitches with DMC #5 perle cotton B5200.  On to the face!

The flesh tone used here is DMC cotton floss #950--I usually use #948 for females but needed a darker value to contrast with the white of the hat and apron.  The nose was stitched with DMC floss #3774 and the mouth and cheeks were worked with DMC floss #223 and 224.  Her gray-green eyes were stitched with DMC floss #926.

The top of her cap was worked in framed mosaic stitches with the white perle cotton and trimmed with some "vintage" Fleur de Paris fine mesh velour from my stash.  I raided the stash for the hair as well, using two strands of DMC Medici wool.  I'll finish the bottom of the hair when her shawl is completed.

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Needle Nicely said...

I love the texture on her cap. And great to be able to stitch from one's fiber stash.