Thursday, September 18, 2014

A fairy tale

Here's the next canvas I plan to stitch for this year's gift-giving--Fleece Fairy by Joan Thomasson.  It's yet another canvas included in the box of treasures bequeathed to me by a friend who can no longer stitch.

The only difference I can see between an angel and a fairy is the wings:  fairy wings appear to be injected with steroids.  I love the little lamb included in the design, and see a bunch of French knots in my future!

Thinking practically, I wonder how the finisher could work around those little lamb legs.  But the canvas margins are too narrow to put any kind of background around the entire fairy.  I'll have to give this more thought as I start in on the fairy herself.

1 comment:

sudukc said...

Could she becaome a stand-up with a light background like skip tent, wocen stitch, get the idea?