Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lights, action, scanner!

Finally, the skyline is complete! The buildings took almost five cards of Petite Very Velvet (but who's counting?). The windows are dotted with Kreinik #12 tapestry braid #032--a tiny bit of bling without a lot of glitz.

I was so excited, I moved on to another section--the white "foliage" underneath the tree on the right side of the canvas. This area needs more substance to give further depth, as I move closer to the foreground. I cast Brown Paper Packages Trio for this role. Trio is the svelte sister of Silk & Ivory and a very versatile thread on 18 ct. canvas. The stitch I've chosen is Nobuko--one of my favorites. It's a non-directional stitch and provides just enough relief to stand out from the black-and-white section behind it.

Now that I've cast that part, I'll probably move on toward the center and start filling in other roles. I already see a small problem here in this new white section: my arms are getting too short! This canvas is stapled to stretcher bars 20 inches long, and while I have long arms for someone my size, I'm not ready to swing in trees yet. So for now, anyway, I'll deal with what I can reach.


Possibilities, Etc. said...

The lights in the windows are perfect against that black velvet of the buildings at night. Nobuko is also one of my favorites, along with "T-stitch." This is really looking good - I look forward to more!

g said...

nothing is more striking than black and white with shades of grey...or black pattern giving the illusion of are a tropper...i get very bored with vast expanses of any attention is small when stitching I find...the tiny project is about all I can handle...I think I use up all my points on painting...just so much patience to go I guess twelve chair seats are that is really funny..I could no more do that than i could

Miss 376 said...

This is stunning. Looking forward to seeing the next installment

LIZ said...

This is such an exciting project! I can't wait for the next act.
I love Nobuko too.
Much applause so far.