Friday, July 10, 2009

Blue skies over Long Island

I finished my needle-blending of the sky over Horton Point lighthouse. Having begun with four plies of DMC floss #813, I continued using the following formula:

Section 2 - 3 plies DMC #813, 1 ply DMC #827
Section 3 - 2 plies DMC #813, 2 plies DMC #827
Section 4 - 1 ply DMC #813, 3 plies DMC #827
Section 5 - four plies DMC #827

By the time I finished stitching Section 5, I was just below the bottom of the roof line of the keeper's house. Since the sky was already fairly light at this point, I continued with the four plies of DMC #827 down to the top of the tree in the foreground. I then resumed needle-blending, adding DMC #828 to the mix. The last section stitched just at the horizon combined two plies of DMC #827 and two plies of DMC #828.

For the water, I again blended threads--DMC #826 and 825--two darker shades in the same color family as the threads used for the sky. The water was worked in gobelin stitches over two threads to achieve the impression of waves in a very small space!

Now I'll start adding the greenery and the lighthouse will be ready for your inspection!

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Possibilities, Etc. said...

I can almost hear those waves - and also seagulls somewhere in the distance. This is pretty, but the Raspberry Island lighthouse takes the prize, I believe.