Sunday, August 16, 2009

Starting off on the right foot

When a friend of mine saw the painted canvas of "Dreamgirls," she remarked that the orange background was definitely "different." She undoubtedly knew that orange is my least favorite color. When I painted "A Chorus Line," another Halloween design, I gave it a lime green background because I loved the look of that shade with black and white. Two shop owners asked me to custom paint several with an orange background--a "more traditional Halloween color" was their explanation. So for this canvas, I'm bowing to tradition, but with a twist!

I never planned to stitch a solid orange background for this canvas. It needed a background with an "edge" to make the ghosts pop and a stitch that proportionately would fit the ghostly stars. I decided on a jacquard stitch, with orange as the predominant color, accented by black and purple. (Purple is DH's least favorite color, so I have to sneak it in when I can!)

But I'm also a true painted canvas person, who wants everything in place before I stab the canvas with my needle--I don't want to count as I go along, only to find somewhere down the canvas that I've miscounted and have to rip out. So I drew in the intersecting lines for the jacquard stitch, and now I can sit back and stitch in a relaxed fashion. I've started the basketweave stitching of the ghosts with Kreinik #12 tapestry braid #032--the basketweave will provide the most "twinkle." And I've started filling in the orange with DMC cotton floss #946. When I've made a little more progress, I'll start filling in the tent stitches surrounding the orange sections.

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Possibilities, Etc. said...

This is just awfully cute! I don't care for purple either, and especially not with orange - but in this case, it fits!! Great background for those ghostie ladies!!