Monday, August 31, 2009

The case of the disappearing angel fish

The good news is, the seahorse is finished! The bad news is, I've started the angel fish!

When I finished stitching the seahorse, I added the bit of seaweed his tail is wrapped around using Petite Very Velvet V623. So far, so good. I finished stitching the background surrounding the angel fish, and happily dumped a bunch of skeins of DMC cotton floss on the table to figure out what I'd need.

Judy Harper's original painting canvas of the angel fish was executed in beautiful shades of primarily blues and greens, which I loved and hoped to duplicate. For every three shades of aqua I chose, I had to discard two because they were too close to the background blended floss. Finally I had my selection and started to stitch the different segments of the fish in their respective colors. Before my eyes, the little angel fish gradually began to disappear!

What I hadn't taken into account was just how vibrant the orange DMC #5 perle cotton was that I'd used to define the ridges on the seahorse. One fish now packed a punch; the other was wishy-washy, despite using colors that were far from timid. Solution: finish stitching the rest of the angel fish, then go back and outline it with perle cotton to make it, too, stand out.

I haven't yet decided which color to select for the outlining, but it will hopefully be in place by the next time I post so the poor angel fish can re-emerge from the deep!


Possibilities, Etc. said...

I agree that the fish kind of fades away - but my first reaction was that if it has a dark, bright blue outline, it might show up nicely. I couldn't think of any other colors to use but that combo of blues and greens. This is looking good!! Not an easy task.

Cool City Stitcher said...

Amazing! I agree with outlining the fish, especially since the sea horse stands out so clearly. This will be a real eyecatcher with the gorgeous colors and sparkle. Beautiful stitching!

Possibilities, Etc. said...

On second thought -maybe that fish is in camouflage.

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Poor fishy! And poor Anne. But I have confidence that you'll pick a nice color to outline him/her with so that he can compete with the seahorse.

threadmedley said...

He just isn't ready to be noticed yet - but I know he will be soon!

This is coming along so quickly and beautifully. The seahorse is fantastic!

Tara said...

I would be tempted to change him to black and silver combo, or to the bright yellows I've seen angelfish in.

Cyn said...

Hi Anne,

Outlining will help as he will definitely need to stand out to be able to hang out with the orange sea horse.

If you weren't so far only with a plan I would suggest stitching the angel fish using different colors. I had a pair of angel fish that were black and white and were just beautiful many years ago. I also had several that were bright yellow and a bright blue. They were quick and would chase the other fish. :-)

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