Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Looking just peachy!

When I finished the banner on the Texas postcard, I had two choices: stitch three rows of border around the entire design area, to give my framer some flexibility in placing a matte, or do a little work on the center section. The winner is obvious!

You can see from the photo of Denise DeRusha's painted canvas in my previous post that the top of the center section is already shaded with different intensities of peach. I decided to approach this a different way: by needle-blending! Luckily there were two shades of peach DMC floss--#3856 and #402--close enough in value. I started directly under the banner with four plies of DMC #3856, subtracting one ply of the lighter shade and adding one ply of the darker every five rows or so, until I reached the bottom using four plies of DMC #402. Stitching this area in basketweave made it easier to compensate around the bluebonnet on the right.

When I finish playing "catch-up" with the border around the outside, I'll resume working on the frame of diagonal mosaic stitch.

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Possibilities, Etc. said...

You pulled off the needle blending well on that background - I knew you would. I'm wondering what you'll do with that armadillo. I look forward to watching.