Saturday, June 26, 2010

Needle-blending with a twist

Moving right along! I've continued my "due-diligence" stitching of basketweave around the perimeter of the design area and filled in the diagonal mosaic pattern in the frame. I then popped in the date and the horseshoes in the bottom corners.

While I was working on these areas, I kept toying with ideas on how to handle the bottom background of the center section. Denise DeRusha's painted canvas is shaded, with the darkest green to the left of the star fading to a light green on the right where it meets the peach section. Checking my DMC color card, I luckily found three values of gray-green floss that would work well in the bottom section: DMC floss #522, 523 and 524.

To the left of the star, I used four plies of DMC floss #522. I then turned my canvas upside down, working the section between the star first in four plies of DMC floss #523, then blending in one ply of DMC floss #524 with three plies of #523. I started the largest section of background with this 3-1 combination, subtracting one ply of darker thread and adding one ply of lighter, until I had reached the peach area using four plies of DMC floss #524.

Working the green section this way, I maintained the "spirit" of the original shading without adhering strictly to the colors painted on the individual canvas threads. I like the look, and will keep it in mind for future use! Back to work, so I can finish this second postcard over the weekend!


Possibilities, Etc. said...

The gray/green works well - I'd never noticed that color. You do have patience, as well as expertise. This is definitely developing character.

Kareen said...

This is startin' to look really good! I can't wait to see them all together. He'll love it.

Anonymous said...

Nicely done! You are the needle-blending master. And you make it look easy and perfect for the project as well. Subtle elegance - that's the personality you give these little canvases!