Monday, June 14, 2010

Postcards from home

Last week marked a very proud moment for me: our oldest son began a wonderful new job in his chosen career of emergency management! I wanted to stitch something to commemorate this milestone in his life, but what?

To the rescue came Denise DeRusha, a fellow designer and friend from my Texas days, with whom I had the pleasure of volunteering when her oldest son and my youngest were buddies at the local intermediate school. Denise has a series of postcards representing every state in the U.S., as well as a number of foreign countries, that I had long admired. I'd been looking for the perfect opportunity to stitch some of these canvases, and with my son starting his new job, that chance fell into my lap!

To view the complete postcard series, visit

I've chosen three canvases: Connecticut, his birth state; Texas, his "adopted" state; and Kansas, his new home. I'll be working these up as a set which I'll have framed for him to hang in his new apartment. Thanks to Denise, who has graciously given me permission to blog-stitch these canvases--this proud mother's way of saying "You've come a long way, Baby!"


Possibilities, Etc. said...

I especially love Kansas!! Watching you stitch these - hopefully all three, will be a total pleasure. I need to speak with Denise about doing Florida!!

Kareen said...

Oh I love them! They are just perfect. I can't wait to see them come along. I haven't said a word to John and no internet yet, so we're good! I just love this project. I know it will mean a lot to him! :]