Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Two down, two to go

Last Sunday, I was finally able to squeeze in my shopping expedition for Sailor's Valentine supplies! That night and last, I've been working on the octagonal frame around the center scene.

For four of the eight segments, I've chosen Vineyard Silk Classic "Beach" in a Nobuko stitch. These areas will be embellished mostly with shells, and I figured the "nooks and crannies" of the Nobuko stitch would work well when I get around to attaching the shells.

This shade of thread, when combined with this stitch, almost gives these areas a grass cloth look. Two more segments to go, then I get to attack the last four segments, with a different stitch and thread!


Cyn said...

Hi Anne,

The background looks like a sea grass rug to me so it works well!

Looking forward to seeing the embellishments.

Windy Meadow

Cool City Stitcher said...

The texture is amazing, especially when I enlarge the photo. It's beautiful!

Needle Nicely said...

Anne, everytime I see one of your lighthouses with the graduated backgrounds, you usually give a listing of the color mixtures to obtain that effect you're showing. But do you do the gradations of color mathematically? That is, 30 rows with 12 possibilities of color; therefore, 2 rows of this combination and 3 rows of that combination so it equals 30 rows.

Reading back this seems overly complicated--what I'm getting at, can there be a formula? Whew! That was tough to spit out.

Anne Stradal said...

Yes, Mary Agnes, I do it mathematically! I count how many canvas threads deep there are in the sky. After figuring out the values of blue I want at the top and at the horizon, I calculate how many "mixtures" of floss there will be. I divide this last number into the first number and--voila!--I get the number of rows I need for each section.

Anonymous said...

It looks great - just like seagrass, as you say...