Saturday, January 26, 2013

Angel progress: flowers and fleece

The little wooly lamb is finished!  The center  section was stitched in French knots, using two strands of white Medici.  Each knot was tightly wrapped once, and almost every canvas intersection was stitched, to give the lamb's coat a dense, realistic appearance.

With that much accomplished, it was time to attack the flowers in the garlands in the angel's hair and around the lamb's neck.  More French knots!  This time I used Vineyard Silk Classic Bright White, Peppermint and Berry.  While the same stitch was used for the flowers and the lamb's coat, the choice of thread creates a different look for each.  The sheen of the silk thread gives vibrancy to the flowers, while the Medici wool gives the lamb's coat a matte appearance.

I'm now a little more than half-way done with this canvas.  Everything stitched to date has used threads from my stash, but I'm slowly but surely running out!

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Jan said...

You always know the perfect stitch to create realism in your canvases! The lamb is just darling. And I love the background you've created to make a more realistic scene for the piece.