Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Jane Seymour's overdress is now finished and, like her underskirt, is a pretty close color match to the Holbein portrait.

This area was worked in a diagonal cashmere stitch with three plies of DMC floss #729.  While worked on the diagonal, this stitch isn't that directional--as your eye travels, you can see the little rectangles marching up from bottom left to top right as well as in the opposite direction,

Jane's just about finished, A.B.T.B.--All But The Beads.  Since I'm beadaphobic, it may be a while before the trim on her English gabled hood and jewelry are added.  Until I'm in the mood, there's another wife awaiting my attention!


Needle Nicely said...

I also hate beading. To compensate, I do French knots in metallic. They almost look like beads!

Anonymous said...

She is going to be regal. Beading is not my favorite pastime either, but sometimes you can get into a rhythm. Good luck, I know your beading will be good.