Saturday, February 1, 2014

Anne Boleyn--Part Three

Anne Boleyn has a dress now, filled in with Vineyard Silk Classic "Lipstick" in the Nobuko stitch.  Her underskirt was worked with three strands of white DMC floss in an oblong cross stitch.

A word about scale:  at four and one-half inches high, these cylindrical ornaments fall in the category of "smalls."  As such, they call for stitches which are small in scale.  Court dresses worn during the time of Henry VIII were constructed with very elaborate and heavily-patterned materials.  By using small patterned stitches, like Nobuko and oblong cross, you can simulate the weave of a fabric without overwhelming the small figure.

I've got a lot more work to do on this canvas, and need to make a trip to my LNS for more supplies.  So in the interest of progress, I will start work on another wife for which I have most of the threads.

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