Saturday, January 16, 2010

All but the greenery

The White River, Michigan, lighthouse canvas is moving right along, now that I've finished the tower and keeper's house.

I've added windows and the caps on the buttresses, using DMC cotton floss. To imitate the look of limestone block, I worked the foundation with DMC floss #712 in a series of gobelin stitches over two threads, Scotch stitch and Scotch stitch variation.

The roof of the keeper's house is shingled, with the reddish-brown asphalt almost variegated with the sun shining on it in the photograph I'm working from. To duplicate this look, I chose Sheep's Silk "Rust Brown" for my roofing material. It's another color of Sheep's Silk which is more mottled than the usual over-dyed thread, and when worked in a gobelin stitch over two threads comes pretty close to the look of the actual roof.

Next up: trees, bushes and grass!

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Possibilities, Etc. said...

I do like the way the roof looks! Also, the way the light strikes the little stitch for each window pane - they look like glass. Amazing.