Monday, January 25, 2010

Moving inward

I made a little progress on the Ojo de Dios canvas over the weekend, moving inside the lattice border to give myself a little variety.

I'd initially thought to stitch the background of the bands with circles and zig-zag lines in a diagonal mosaic stitch. Using DMC floss #712, I started in on this section--and very soon ripped it out! I realized the diagonal mosaic stitch would prove to be too much of a distraction behind the stitch I'm planning to use for the circles, so I worked the background in basketweave instead.

On to the center square, where I worked the small off-white band in a series of oblong cross stitches: the first worked vertically, with another placed horizontally on top of it. The black border around these stitches was worked in DMC #5 perle cotton #301 in a satin stitch. Using the heavier thread made the oblong cross stitches "pop" and gave more depth to the center square.

Next I'll play a little "catch-up" with the lattice border and start in on the brown bands!


Possibilities, Etc. said...

Good choice, using the basketweave background on those bands - I agree that diagonal mosaic wouldn't have stayed behind where it belongs. too distracting. I really like this canvas!!!

Carolyn McNeil said...

I agree, the basketweave looks good. Sometimes the more simple stitches are best. A few years ago, I created a piece that was very colorful, but made the mistake of using an intricate design for the background. I kept working on it, thinking it would look better when it was done...I ended up storing it in a box under the bed when it was finished. Someday, I'll get it out and redo the background...someday...???
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