Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Back in business!

My DH had to go out in all the snow on Monday, and on his way home called to see if I needed him to pick up anything. I'm sure he was thinking about a grocery store run but, no, I had another request: three skeins of DMC floss #712 from Barry at my LNS! And, sweetheart that he is, he got them!

I set to work finishing the wainscoting. My previous photo showed the shading I'd added in DMC floss #822, but now you can really see the difference outlining the molding made.

Then I returned to stitching wallpaper, and am happy to report that so far, I haven't had a nasty run-in with any dark threads from the clock case! When I finish the wallpaper, I can complete the top of the clock and call this project a wrap.


Possibilities, Etc. said...

Amazing, as always. I can't believe the bas-relief effect you've made on the wainscoting on that very small space!! This piece has dimension and interest without being cluttered.

NCPat said...

Very nice! I love the wallpaper!

Edy said...

Even being snowed in, you stitch so quickly. "Grandpa" is looking terrific!