Monday, February 22, 2010

Another floral finale

With the addition of the floral elements, the tulip egg by Lee is finally completed!

The little blue flowers--which I chose to think of as forget-me-nots, since I have a profusion of them in my perennial garden--were worked in a Smyrna cross variation with DMC floss #826. The centers were stitched in straight Smyrna crosses with DMC floss #445.

In stitching the tulip itself, I didn't want to lose the beautiful shading of the original canvas but I also wanted to add a little dimension by accentuating some of the petals. I used four shades of a pink DMC family, starting with the lightest and next-darkest shades in tent stitch. I then added the next-lightest and darkest shades in a satin stitch to give some prominence to the petals.

I have plenty of time to get these little eggs finished as an Easter gift to a friend. As I return to painting penguins, I'll contemplate my next project!

1 comment:

Possibilities, Etc. said...

You've made incredible shading and textures on such a tiny piece - the tulip is great! Textured stitches are good for emphasis when used with such restraint. I'm rather in awe of what you did on the tulip petals.