Friday, February 26, 2010

It's a girl!

I got the word just yesterday from my next-door neighbor: her second grandchild, due in June, is a girl! I had stitched a "First Noel" mini-sock for the first granddaughter two years ago and looked forward to another baby canvas. But I'd waited, knowing the mother-to-be was big on gender-specific colors. I now have my mandate: this project is going to be big on pink!

I'll be painting my "Rainbow Clown" canvas (left) to make it more feminine and to personalize it with the baby's initials in the balls the clown is juggling and "2010" at the bottom. Hopefully I'll get the canvas painted tonight so I can show a modified version tomorrow!

Back to painting for my next trunk show!

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Possibilities, Etc. said...

He's just awfully cute and full of personality in the bright colors - but I look forward to seeing this in "girly" colors. I need a pair of overalls like that. Smears where I wipe my paint brushes wouldn't show.