Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mission accomplished

Mission Santa Clara de Asis is finished!

I wrapped up construction on the buildings by adding hinges to the doors and a handrail with two plies of black DMC cotton floss in spring stitches. There are three statues placed within the niches between the columns and above the front door. Considering how tiny these spaces are, I took some artistic license and represented them with satin stitches of DMC floss #318.

On to the landscaping! The trees in the background on the left were worked with one strand of Impressions #5061 in a vertical diagonal cashmere stitch. The palm trees on the right were formed with long stitches with one strand of Sheep's Silk "Moss Green" and Sheep's Silk "Dark Chocolate" in tent stitches for the trunks.

The two taller bushes flanking either side of the columns were worked with one strand of Sheep's Silk "Camouflage" in a vertical diagonal oblong cross stitch over two threads. The bushes immediately in front of them and on the far ends were stitched in French knots with Sheep's Silk "Dark Moss," with more French knots of Sheep's Silk "Green Leaves" for the bushes closest to the sidewalk. One strand of Impressions "Emerald" in satin stitches created the grassy areas.

Using a variety of silk/wool blends for the greenery creates a nice contrast against the cotton floss and perle cotton used to stitch the buildings. Mixing different shades of green, with the darkest in the background graduating to lighter shades in the foreground, adds depth to the canvas and a more natural appearance.


Cool City Stitcher said...

This is very good. I like all the different textures which give dimension, especially the landscaping. Great job!

Edy said...

Muy bueno.

Possibilities, Etc. said...

Bien hecho!! Now we shall go inside and light a candle for St.Clare, and request her assistance with our stitching. This one is a beauty - she must have been "with you" in the process. I'm always in awe of what you do with these small pieces to bring them to life.