Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sunny skies

As eager as I am to stitch Pedro the penguin himself, I was a good girl and worked the background first!

I needle-blended the sky with DMC cotton floss, more to provide a little variety of intensity in the background than to create a realistic sky--after all, how realistic is a penguin in a sombrero anyway? Using four plies of DMC floss #519, I worked in basketweave halfway down the canvas before changing over to three plies of DMC #519 and one ply of DMC #3761. I ended at the horizon with one ply of DMC #519 and three plies of DMC #3761.

I then began working on Pedro's body, using one strand of Felicity's Garden "Snow" in basketweave for his face and tummy. I've consistently used this thread, along with black Petite Very Velvet and Silk & Ivory "Big Orange" for the beak and flippers, for all my penguin models.

With any luck, he'll be fully dressed in time for Cinco de Mayo!


Possibilities, Etc. said...

He's awfully cute under that Mexican sky. Sombrero and penguins will work - as anything goes on Cinco de Mayo. The hat stitching should be interesting - hope to see it soon!

Cool City Stitcher said...

With his serape and sombrero, he's all decked out for the holiday. I look forward to seeing him stitched! (He really is cute!)

Anonymous said...

What a cute little Mexican penguin to join your penguin family! I'm looking forward to seeing the prickly cactua.