Saturday, January 21, 2012

A little more progress

Poor Geoffrey--his mother seems to be taking her good, sweet time getting him dressed! I finally squeezed in a little stitching time last night, so I thought I'd post another wardrobe update.

One lapel of his coat is now finished. What I thought would be a satin stitch filler actually turned out to be a vertical diagonal cashmere stitch because of the placement of the stripes. When I started working on the lapel on the right, I turned the canvas 90 degrees and began stitching a horizontal diagonal cashmere stitch.

Just for fun, I also started filling in the houndstooth pattern on his vest, using DMC floss #413 in basketweave. It's a darker thread than the Vineyard Silk Classic "Heron" used on his coat, so it stands out nicely. It's back to painting for me now, but maybe tonight I'll have a chance to rendevous with Geoffrey again!


Edy said...

OK...Now I can see that the hound's tooth is tent stitched.

He's looking quite dapper!

Needle Nicely said...

He's really looking snazzy! Great job. Mary Agnes