Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Acoma Pot, part 2

The Acoma Pot canvas went with me to the monthly meeting of the local needlework group yesterday.  This design had taken a back seat when I started work on the angel canvas, but the angel was much too large for an outing.  And I'm getting to the tricky part on the angel canvas, too.  Doing some simple basketweave in the midst of a lot of folks chatting while plying their needles seemed like a good idea!

I've now added the last two colors of Vineyard Silk Classic to the mix.  "Caramel" is filling in the lower arc and some of the flowers, while "Dark Earth" outlines the rainbird's tail feathers and the centers of some flowers. 

I'm keeping up pretty well with the background, too, and am more than half-way finished with the "Natural" and "Bark."  A lot of details remain, but I'm having fun popping in a little color here and there.  With any luck, I will have "rounded the bend" on the bottom right corner after next month's meeting!

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