Monday, February 4, 2013

Switching gears

I've come to the end of the thread line for now on the angel canvas.  For the lion's body, I decided on Petite Very Velvet--it will provide a smooth surface to contrast with the mane and the garland around the lion's neck.  But my LNS had only two of the four values of brown I need--the lightest (and predominant) and the darkest shades are on order.

Those of you who follow the blog regularly know that I tend to be pretty systematic in my stitching--I have a certain order in my mind as to which areas I work on before moving on to the next.  At my house, we refer to this as "proceeding in Dewey Decimal Format."  So I've stitched all the areas requiring the two brown shades on the lion, but will have to put this canvas aside until my ship comes in.

Heaven forbid that I should be without something to stitch at night!  So for now, I'm turning to a canvas I began last fall--Acoma Pot by Judy Harper, which I've had in my stash for a few years.  Inspired by a water jug created by Southwestern Native Americans, this design is painted in colors that seemed particularly appropriate for autumn.

The size of the canvas--approximately 10 by 12 inches--made it suitable for me to work on at meetings of a local needlework group which meets once a month.  A friend of mine in this group had asked me to teach her to needlepoint, and since I'm basketweaving Acoma Pot as a pillow insert, the canvas was ideal as a teaching tool.  I've worked on the canvas a bit from time to time outside of group meetings--tomorrow I'll show you my progress to date.

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