Tuesday, February 5, 2013

"Acoma Pot" progress

Work on this canvas began at last October's meeting of our local needlework group.  I don't think I'm doing too badly considering this is a "downtime" project!

All the threads are Vineyard Silk Classic, with "Bark" for the outside border and "Natural" for the inside background.  One of the pluses of VSC is the "mileage" you get from a single skein:  30 yards of thread covers a lot of territory.  I've used one full skein of "Bark" and two skeins of "Natural" so far.

  I stitch as many strands of one background color as I can before going totally loopy, then treat myself by adding another color here and there.  So far I've used "Cactus" for the leaves, "Russet Orange" for some of the flowers, and "Monk's Robe" for outlining and the tail feathers of the rainbird motif.

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