Monday, April 12, 2010

"Look, Mama, no pink!"

Over the weekend, my next-door neighbor, whose daughter is expecting a baby girl in June, shared more good news with me: her daughter-in-law is expecting a first child in August--and it's a girl, too!

If you recall, I modified my "Rainbow Clown" canvas for her daughter's baby gift, making it over-the-top pink in keeping with the new mother's wishes. My neighbor's son and DIL, however, want absolutely no part of anything remotely gender-specific--least of all pink!--so yours truly had to go back to the drawing board for another baby present.

Here's little Humpty Dumpty, sitting securely on his wall, looking happy and intact! Nestled in the grass is the year 2010, with plenty of room on the left to add the baby's initials later on.

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Possibilities, Etc. said...

Humpty is wonderful - happy and cheerful, as he isn't cracked yet. I do like the flowers, as they "feminize" it a bit. Boys like flowers too, so it isn't too gender specific. I look forward to your stitching.