Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A well-coddled egg

I'm being watched! Since Humpty Dumpty's face is so prominent in this canvas, I decided to stitch it first so he'd be smiling back at me as I worked on other areas.

His "shell" and hands were stitched in basketweave with DMC cotton floss #543, his eyes in DMC #825, and mouth in DMC #891. His nose and cheeks were first padded with tent stitches and then satin-stitched with DMC floss #894.

His jacket--color-coordinated, of course, to match his eyes-- was worked in framed mosaic stitch, with a gobelin stitch over three threads for the placket and over two threads for the cuffs. His crisp white DMC floss collar, in gobelin stitch over three threads, was set off by an apple green tie. I used DMC satin floss #S471, one of 24 new colors introduced for 2010 to join the original 36 colors, in a combination of Scotch stitches and with gobelin stitches over three threads for the tails.

Just to add a little sparkle to his jacket, I added rows of buttons using Kreinik #12 tapestry braid #221 in Smyrna crosses.

Next up: the sky!


Possibilities, Etc. said...

He is so pleasant and cheerful looking. Great choices of threads and stitches - and thanks for always explaining WHY you do each thing.

Edy said...

A really cute one this time!

threadmedley said...

Love the framed mosaic for the shirt! I wouldn't have thought of that. He's such a cute little egg...