Sunday, September 25, 2011

Half a coat is better than none

At least Nigel's left side is a lot warmer now!

I started work on the body of Nigel's tweed jacket, using two shades of Felicity's Garden--"Truffle" used in the sweater and "Fawn."

The tweed look is achieved with a skip-tent stitch, in which you work rows of tent stitches on every other canvas thread with one color, then come back and fill in the missed stitches with the other color. In the top left of the photo, I've begun stitching the "Truffle" in diagonal rows on the warp (vertical) threads of the canvas. The completed jacket on the right shows the weft (horizontal) canvas threads stitched with the "Fawn."

I then went back with the Petite Very Velvet used on the lapels to work the top of the pocket and button holes in slanted gobelin stitch. I'll continue work on the jacket in the evenings while I paint again by day!


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Love the tweed jacket!

threadmedley said...

Nigel will be such a dapper young man when you're finished. The details on the sweater and the tweed jacket are so life-like. You make it so simple for others to duplicate your wonderful details. Love this!

sudukc said...

Nigel is looking pretty dapper!