Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Warmer now!

Nigel's tweed jacket is all finished! I was surprised to find I'd used very little thread for the skip-tent stitches in Felicity's Garden "Truffle" and "Fawn." A 40-yard skein seems to go a long way!

I still need to decide how to work the buttons: with real buttons sewn on, as I did for Neville, or to stitch them.

To reward myself, I resumed work on the sweater. All the "Sky Blue" diamonds have been stitched and I'm close to finishing the "Blueberry" diamonds, too.

So now the plan of attack is to finish the sweater and give poor Nigel some trousers!


Cool City Stitcher said...

Very sharp looking outfit! I love the textures.

threadmedley said...

Love the color combination! The jacket is so perfect! Won't take long to finish Nigel now.

Edy said...

These little guys are fabulous!